This is a list of recently extinct flora of Australia, that is plants that have known to have become extinct since the European colonisation of Australia in 1788. Within Australia there are mechanisms for registering an extinction at the federal, state and territory levels. Federal and state listing's may vary due to regional extinctions or because of differing definitions of extinction in the various pieces of legislation.

Plants listed as extinct by the federal governmentEdit

Plants and animals are listed as extinct and the federal level under the auspices of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The Act lists all plants known to have been made extinct since the commencement of European settlement of Australia in 1788. There are 52 plants currently listed as extinct under the Act.

Of note, the species Pimelea spinescens subsp. pubiflora was presumed extinct after 1901, but a population was discovered in 2005. The orchid Diuris bracteata was also considered extinct after its first collection in 1899, but it was rediscovered in 1998. Neither have been removed from the EPBC list of extinct plants. The Spiny Everlasting (Acanthocladium dockeri) was reclassified as critically endangered in 2006 after it was rediscovered in 1999. Bennett's Seaweed, declared extinct under the EPBC Act in 1999; was the first protist listed as extinct by the IUCN in 2004.

Name Common name Location(s)
Acacia kingiana WA
Acacia prismifolia Diel's Wattle WA
Acianthus ledwardii QLD
Amperea xiphoclada var. pedicellata NSW
Amphibromus whitei QLD
Argyreia soutteri QLD
Caladenia brachyscapa Short Spider-orchid TAS
Caladenia pumila Dwarf Spider-orchid VIC
Calothamnus accedens WA
Coleanthera virgata Hidden Coleanthera WA
Deyeuxia lawrencei TAS
Didymoglossum exiguum QLD
Diplocaulobium masonii QLD
Diuris bracteata NSW
Euphrasia ruptura subshrub NSW
Frankenia conferta Silky Frankenia WA
Frankenia decurrens Decurrent-leaved Frankenia WA
Hemigenia clotteniana QLD
Huperzia serrata Water Tassel-fern QLD
Hutchinsia tasmanica TAS
Hymenophyllum lobbii QLD
Hymenophyllum whitei QLD
Hypsela sessiliflora NSW
Lemmaphyllum accedens QLD
Lepidium drummondii Drummond's Lepidium WA
Leucopogon cryptanthus Small-flowered Leucopogon WA
Lycopodium volubile QLD
Marsdenia araujacea QLD
Monogramma dareicarpa Grass Fern QLD
Musa fitzalanii QLD
Oberonia attenuata QLD
Olearia oliganthema NSW
Opercularia acolytantha WA
Ozothamnus selaginoides Clubmoss Everlasting, Table Mountain Daisy Bush TAS
Paspalum batianoffii QLD
Persoonia lax NSW
Persoonia prostrata QLD
Philotheca falcata Sickle-leaved Waxflower WA
Pimelea spinescens subsp. pubiflora Spiny Rice-flower VIC
Prostanthera albo-hirta QLD
Prostanthera marifolia NSW
Pterostylis valida Robust Greenhood VIC
Ptilotus pyramidatus Pyramid Mulla-mulla WA
Pultenaea maidenii Maiden's Bush-pea VIC
Senecio georgianus Grey Groundsel NSW, SA, VIC
Tetratheca fasciculata Cronin's Tetratheca WA
Thomasia gardneri Mount Holland Thomasia WA
Tmesipteris lanceolata QLD
Trianthema cypseleoides NSW
Vanvoorstia bennettiana Bennett's Seaweed NSW